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Unit 1, 16 Saint Albans Road, Watford, England WD17 1UN
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+44 1923 227000


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Palmers Fiat and Abarth

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  • Angelina Kalahari
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I am on a service payment plan with Palmers for my 2 year old Abarth 595.

    My first year's service went without a hitch and was, I thought, reasonable. I received an invoice with the paperwork and could see everything clearly - the labour came to £94.51 and the total bill was £147.28.

    This year, however, despite the fact that I've done only 5,000 miles, my car received a full service. As no invoice came with the paperwork, I had to call the office and received a copy of the invoice a few days later. The labour cost had jumped to £209.28 and the total bill came to £457.03.

    When I queried the cost of the labour in particular, I was told that it's a lengthy job, even though I received the car back far earlier than I did the first year - go figure!

    Two items were indescipherable on the bill and I had to call to find out that one was a pollen filter replacement and the other was screen wash for £10 which I had kept topped up, anyway.

    I wish I had been informed beforehand that despite the low mileage, my car would undergo a full service. I feel as though I'd been tricked.

    More importantly, my partner, who is a mechanic of high repute in North London, had pointed out that my exhaust was blowing. I'd mentioned it to Palmers service department but was told their mechanic had it on the ramp and couldn't see or hear anything wrong. This is very worrying to me as my partner had shown it to me. I can't do anything about it myself as the car is under guarantee with Palmers. I just hope it doesn't get worse!

    The other thing I'd asked them to resolve was my Abarth's squeaking brakes. I was told it's because I don't drive the car enough - the mileage is too low. So, apparently, oil was used to dampen the squeaking.

    I feel genuinely very unhappy. I certainly don't feel like a valued customer!

    Two stars for cleaning the car but bringing it back with no petrol!
  • Clive O
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Excellent, professional service.
    I can't use my left arm so I need an automatic with modified indicators. I'm not keen on automatics so I want to be really sure of what I will get before I shell out. Matt spent a long time with me and took me out twice in an automatic with him driving and me asking him to drive it in a way that I could assess the transmission. In the time I spent he focused on my issues and didn't try to sell me the car.
    I did order one. About a week later I discovered that there was going to be a problem getting the indicator switch modified on that model. I called Matt for help, and he found me an firm that could do the job.
    From the start to delivery the experience was smooth and simple. At no time did I feel pressured and was confident all would be OK. There was no problem delaying my pick up slot due to the adverse weather.
    I recommend Palmers and Matt.
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Palmers Motor Company
Palmers Motor Company are part of a large family owned vehicle dealer group in the Hertfordshire area.
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